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Functional Fit Foundry

Pursue Victory & Paige 1912 

Made for Horsewoman & Cowgirls

Founder & Designer

Paige Callaway grew up in the foothills of Alberta spending much of her youth horseback. 


Through 4-H, high school rodeo, college rodeo and over a decade as a professional trick rider, Paige traveled all over North America with here horses in tow.  

After receiving her Bachelors of Science from Tarleton State Universite and working in the communications field, Paige went back to school at Ecole Holt Couture. 

It is here she furthered her interest in the fashion industry and learned about garment construction, pattern drafting and textiles.  This was the start to what Paige has since dedicated her life towards . . . ethically manufacturing quality, Function Fit shirts for horsewoman and cowgirls. 


Paige currently resides in Arizona where she balances her time horseback with working on the shirt business.  Along with the creative design side designing clothing brings, Paige finds a lot of joy in the business and logistics of manufacturing quality products in Alberta and Montana.  

At Pursue Victory & Paige 1912, we believe when you feel good and look good, you do good. 


That confidence can be the difference your looking for in your day to day life and in the arena.  Thats why we strive to deliver our quality Functional Fit shirts that do just that, give you a boost of confidence for you to take throughout your day. 

-Paige Callaway

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